Building works at Eye and Ear on the Park

While our hospital is under redevelopment, the Eye and Ear’s Specialist Clinics has been taking up residence in the old Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. This is now known to our patients as the Eye and Ear on the Park.

The Eye and Ear only occupies part of the building at 2 St Andrews Place. Other tenants include St Vincent’s and Western & Central Melbourne Integrated Cancer Service (WCMICS). And now Peter MacCallum Centre is currently undertaking construction in the building for their new MRI project.

Because of this, you may hear construction noise or feel vibrations whilst visiting specialist clinics, with the works expected to end in March 2023.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

For more information on the project visit:

Redevelopment Update

Thank you for your patience as we build you a better hospital. Our Emergency and Surgical patients are benefiting from the redeveloped areas. This has made navigation and connections between hospital towers easier, increased natural light in the buildings and overall has made the hospital a nicer place for patients, visitors and staff. We look forward to welcoming our Specialist Clinic patients and carers back to the main campus next year. We will also be opening a brand new ward and expanding our Emergency Department to include a Short Stay Unit.

Our staff are looking forward to using a state of the art education precinct and having easy access to research partners when we are all housed back under one roof. The redevelopment project is one of many ways we are ensuring Victorians continue to have access to the best clinical care, research and training in eye, ear, nose and throat healthcare.

Photography by Leo Farrell