This page will explain everything you need to know about our specialist clinics and the process to make or change appointments.

Our redeveloped specialist clinics provide streamlined workflows, patient self check-in, enhanced aesthetic and a much improved environment.

Need to cancel or reschedule your appointment?

Please contact Patient Services and Access on +61 3 9929 8500 or via email at

How to make an appointment?

All specialist clinic appointments require a referral.

Eye referrals:

Go to your local optometrist for an assessment and referral if you have an eye condition. Your optometrist will provide us with information about your eyes including how urgently you require an appointment.

Ears, nose, or throat referrals:

If you need a referral for your ear, nose, or throat your doctor or GP can assist with an assessment and referral. This information will help us understand what sort of appointment you need and how urgently you need to be seen.

Demand for our services is high which may mean a long waiting time. If your referral is accepted we will send you a letter letting you know that you have been added to the waiting list and asking you to call and make an appointment.

What to bring with you?

Once you have an appointment with us, please bring the following on the day:

  • Your appointment letter from the hospital
  • Any relevant X-rays, scans, blood tests, or other test results
  • A list of current medications you are taking
  • Your Medicare card, pension card (if you have one), and any other medicine concession and Safety Net cards you may hold
  • Your GP’s address and phone number
  • Any medication or dietary supplements you may require during your visit
  • Toys or books for children who are attending the clinic with you

What to expect

  • Registration icon of people at the registration desk

    1. Registration:

    You can check-in 15 minutes prior to your appointment via our patient self check-in kiosks or with one of our clerical staff. Our volunteers will be on hand to help you.



  • Clinical assessment icon

    2. Clinical Assessment and Investigation:

    Depending on your condition you may be seen by a clinician who will perform some tests.

    If you are coming for an eye appointment, you may require scans or photos. You may also be given eye drops which might blur your vision.

    After these procedures/tests you will be asked to go back to the waiting room.

  • While you wait icon

    3. While you wait:

    While you wait to see the doctor, this is a good time to think about and write down questions you may want to ask your doctor and complete any paperwork you have been given. If you need to get refreshments, use the toilets or move your car please tell the clerical staff. You will not lose your place in the queue.

  • Discharge desk icon

    4. Treatment:

    A medical professional will examine you and advise you on an appropriate treatment plan, any further investigation and obtain your consent for surgery if required.

  • Reception icon

    5. Reception:

    Our clerical staff will tell you about your follow up arrangements.

  • Pharmacy icon of pills and bottle

    6. Pharmacy:

    If the doctor has prescribed any medication, you will need to visit the pharmacy on the Ground Floor of the Blue Wing to get the script filled.

  • Home icon

    7. Home:

    You can go home and follow the treatment plan given by the doctor, if relevant.

Frequently Asked Questions

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