At the Eye and Ear, our Mirring Ba Wirring team is here to support all of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients.

Meet the Mirring Ba Wirring team

Mirring Ba Wirring is language for “eyes and ears.” In taking this name, we sought permission from Wurundjeri Elder, Aunty Gail Smith and also the Wurundjeri Land Council. The name supports our connection to culture and identity, and assists the Eye and Ear in providing a service that is culturally safe. The team is made up of two Aboriginal Health Liaison Officers, who are here to help you throughout your patient journey, providing cultural and social support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people accessing our hospital services.

Natalie Tieri smiling portrait

Natalie Tieri

Aboriginal Health Liaison Officer

Yorta Yorta woman Natalie Tieri is from Shepparton in Victoria and has been working at the Eye and Ear Hospital as an Aboriginal Health Liaison Officer (AHLO) since November 2018. During this time, Natalie has provided cultural support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients, families and carers as they access healthcare at the Eye and Ear. Natalie’s role also includes supporting Aboriginal patients who access the VAHS Ophthalmology Outreach Clinic, a partnership service between the Victorian Aboriginal Health Service and Eye and Ear Hospital. Located within an Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation (ACCHO), this clinic offers Ophthalmology treatment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients with a focus on streamlined cataract surgery pathways.

Carleen Miller smiling portrait

Carleen Miller

Aboriginal Health Liaison Officer

A proud Taungurung woman and descendant of John Franklin from the Warring-illum Balug clan, Carleen Miller, has been working as an Eye and Ear Aboriginal Health Liaison Officer since January 2020. Carleen has over 35 years of experience working in healthcare, prior to joining the Eye and Ear she worked at the Dental Health Services for 10 years as an Aboriginal Health Liaison Officer. Carleen is passionate about patient advocacy including cultural, social, and emotional support for patients and their families. Ensuring all patients receive appropriate information and resources regarding their medical conditions and are connected to culturally appropriate community services on discharge.

What does Mirring Ba Wirring mean?

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