1. Read the instructions on the label and treat only the eye stated.
  2. Using eye ointment can be a little more difficult than using eye drops. You will find it becomes easier with practice. You could also ask someone to do it for you.

  3. Wash your hands with soap and water or hand sanitiser if water is not available.
  4. Take the cap off the tube. Avoid touching the top of the ointment.
  5. Lie down or sit with your head tilted back.
  6. Pull down the lower lid of the eye to form a pouch or pocket and look up.
  7. Gently apply a strip of ointment (about 1cm) inside the inner surface of the lower lid, trying not to touch the eye or eyelid with the top of the tube.
  8. Close the eye for two minutes.
  9. Remove any excess ointment from your eyelashes with a clean tissue.
  10. Replace the cap on the tube and store the tube in a cool place.

Handy tips

  • If you miss a dose do not try to catch up by taking more than one dose at once.
  • If you are using eye drops around the same time then use the ointment about 5 minutes after the eye drops.
  • Your vision may be blurred for a short time afterwards. Don’t drive or operate machinery after the eye drops.
  • Keep all medicines out of the reach of children. Avoid taking medicine in front of young children – they may copy your behaviour.
  • Never share your medicines, even if someone else has similar symptoms.

Disclaimer This document describes the generally accepted practice at the time of publication only. It is only a summary of clinical knowledge regarding this area. The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital makes no warranty, express or implied, that the information contained in this document is comprehensive. They accept no responsibility for any consequence arising from inappropriate application of this information.

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