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As an outpatient (a patient when you visit one of our specialist eye, ear, nose and throat clinics without staying overnight in the hospital) we will assess your condition at one of our outpatient clinics using a range of specialised tests and discuss treatment options with you.

Please note, your appointment may take up to three hours or more. There is no need to arrive any earlier than 15 minutes before your appointment. Arriving earlier will not change the order of appointments.

As a public hospital, we have a number of doctors and will nominate one for your visit. You may see the same or a different doctor for each of your clinic appointments.


What hours do Clinics operate?

周一至周五,早上8点至下午5:30。’请不要在您的预约时间提前15分钟以上到达。 Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5.30pm. Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes before your appointment time.


Can someone come with me to the clinic appointment?

您可以带人和你一起,但是由于座位有限,我们要求您只带一个同伴。如果您是去眼科诊所,我们建议您不要开车,因为可能会使用让您视力模糊的眼药水。 You may bring someone with you. However, due to limited seating we would ask you to bring only one companion. If you are attending an Eye Clinic, we advise you not to drive as eye drops may be used that will blur your vision.


What if I need an interpreter?

请致电 (03) 9929 8234 要求口译。如果您的预约重新安排了或者您不能出席——记住联系医院取消口译。 Please contact (03) 9929 8234 to request an interpreter. If your appointment is rescheduled or you cannot attend – remember to contact the hospital to cancel the interpreter.


What if I am deaf or hearing impaired?

如果您需要,请通过全国中转服务电话 133 677,用电话打字机联系我们。如需手语翻译出席您的预约,请致电 (03) 9929 8234 If you need to contact us using a TTY (telephone typewriter), please call via the National Relay Service on 133 677. To arrange an Auslan interpreter for your appointment, please contact (03) 9929 8234.


Will my clinic appointment cost me anything?

 如果您持有医疗保险卡(Medicare),您看医生将不会被收费,但是您需要自费任何药物。药物价格会不同,养老金卡(Pension)和卫生保健卡(Health Care)持有者可以享受折扣。  If you are a Medicare card holder, you will not be charged to see the doctor. You will however be charged for any medications. The price of this varies and discounts apply to Pension and Health Care card holders.


Why do I need to complete a Health Questionnaire?

问卷调查可以给我们提供诸如您健康状况和病例等重要信息,可以帮助我们评估和治疗您的病情。 The questionnaire provides us with important information on your general health and medical history, and will help us assess and treat your condition.


What are my rights and responsibilities?


  • 无论经济状况如何都有权接受治疗。
  • 在一个安全的环境下接受治疗和照顾——包括做出院后关于您的治疗和持续照顾的决定。
  • 关于您健康保险的信息和有权利听取另一个医生的意见。
  • 访问您的医疗记录和对您的个人信息保密。
  • 在尊敬、尊严和考虑到您的隐私的情况下进行治疗。
  • 有权使用文化敏感护理。
  • 有能力向医院的病人代表或者外部机构提出问题或者担心。

如需更多信息,请致电医院病人代表:(03) 9929 8666 或者访问网站

The Public Hospital Patient Charter outlines your rights and responsibilities as a patient at this hospital and includes the following:

  • Access to treatment regardless of financial status.
  • Treatment and care in a safe environment – involvement in making decisions about your treatment and ongoing care after discharge.
  • Information about your health care and the right to a second opinion.
  • Access to your medical records and confidentiality for your personal information.
  • Treatment with respect, dignity and consideration of your privacy.
  • Access to culturally sensitive care
  • The ability to raise issues or concerns with the hospital Patient Representative or with external agencies.

Further information is available from the hospital Patient Representative on (03) 9929 8666 or at



如需更多关于我们对保护您隐私的承诺,请访问网址 参考我们的隐私手册或者致电我们的隐私官员:(03) 9929 8570 For information on our commitment to protecting your privacy, please refer to our Privacy Brochure available at or by contacting our Privacy Officer on (03) 9929 8570.



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