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On Friday 3 December, we presented our Annual General Meeting, Staff Service and Excellence awards. It is always a pleasure to recognise the hard work and achievements of our team at the Eye and Ear.

After yet another challenging year for healthcare workers, the Eye and Ear’s Staff Excellence Awards aim to highlight workers that embody the core values of the hospital. By promoting our core values of Integrity, Care, Teamwork and Excellence, these are the outstanding staff who received an award for excellence in 2021.

Administrative Excellence Award – Kathryn, Manager Patient Services and Access

Kathryn manages the OBU bookings and Call centre team. The last 12 months have been challenging in regards to patient bookings and cancellations. Kathryn has initiated improvements, monitored waitlists, collaborated with medical, clerical, nursing and allied health teams to provide the best outcomes at very short notice.

Allied Health Award – Orthoptist, Pelin

Pelin has been described as a caring orthoptist who always approaches her work with a positive attitude. She is always quick to give a smile to those that she meets with and is gentle and kind in her interactions with her patients and her colleagues.

Board Chair’s Medal – Acting Quality Manager, Renee

Renee agreed to take on the role of interim Quality Manager three months

prior to the hospital wide accreditation survey. With incredible energy and focus, Renee embraced the opportunity to understand the complexities of the role and to gain a thorough knowledge of the criteria for the National Standards.

Dr J Aubrey Bowen Award – Dr Claire Iseli

Dr Claire Iseli has consistently gone above and beyond to provide specialist otology and neurotology care to patients across the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital, The Royal Melbourne Hospital and the Royal Children Hospital. She is a dedicated teacher and mentor to the next generation of doctors and surgeons.

Nursing Excellence Award – Anna

Anna Parkhomenko was a crucial force in providing leadership for the OTS move this year. Anna was a major contributor to the move as Acting OTS NUM. Her diligence and attention to detail ensure that the move went smoothly.

Team Excellence Award – the entire Perioperative Suite team.

2021 has been a huge year for the new Perioperative team.  In July this year, the Theatre Suite team relocated from the basement of Main Site, to join the former Ward 4 team in our new Perioperative Suite on Level 2. A huge amount of work and planning went into the relocation of the existing teams to this area, and the drive and energy displayed by the whole team has been nothing short of commendable.

Congratulations Kathryn, Pelin, Renee, Claire, Anna, and the entire Perioperative Suite team on their achievements.

If you have experienced excellent staff service at the Eye and Ear, we would love to hear your feedback. For more details, you can fill out this feedback form.


everyone together at the awards smiling at the podiumRenee with Brendon and Sherene

Pelin standing with Brendon and Sherene smiling