During our monthly Staff Forum, we announced the well-deserved recipients of our Value Awards. These accolades serve as a testament to the commitment demonstrated by our exceptional staff, who embody our hospital’s core values in their daily endeavours. What makes these awards special is that they are nominated by their colleagues, adding an extra layer of recognition and appreciation to their contributions.

Each nomination showcased the impact the individuals have had on the hospital community.

The Values Award recipients for this year were Dr Chris, and Theatre Nurse Siew who received their award from our Chief Executive Officer, Brendon Gardner.

CEO Brendon Garner standing between the two Values Awards winners Siew Yeak and Dr Chris Brown
Siew, CEO Brendon Gardner and Dr Chris 

Siew was nominated by her manager due to her unwavering teamwork and can-do attitude:

“Siew is our team’s ‘go-to’ problem solver. Whenever an issue comes up, Siew is the first person there, fixing issues in a way that is practical and considers the needs of everyone.

Even though Siew has been in our unit for many, many years she is still full of new, innovative suggestions on how to make things better. Siew is always looking at how to improve the workflow of her colleagues, making things easier for everyone. She is always seeking out educational opportunities and sharing whatever she has learned with the team, putting new ideas into practice.

The safety of her colleagues is clearly of paramount importance to her, with Siew always making the argument for staff safety one of her first arguments for wanting to change a practice. Siew is one the hardest workers I have ever met and I know that whatever the task, Siew will be up for it. Her passion to make things work is infectious, and she often inspires people to join her on her improvement projects. This unit would simply be lost without the guiding light that is Siew, and the patients are so lucky to be cared for by a nurse with such high standards.”

CEO smiling next to Siew Yeak who is holding her awards
Siew and CEO Brendon Gardner

Dr Chris Brown was nominated by a colleague because of his environmental initiatives shown at the hospital:

“Dr. Brown has been recognised for his contributions in enhancing the hospital environment, making it a better place for everyone. His efforts in establishing and nurturing our gardens at the main campus have truly made an impact. Driven by his genuine concern for the appearance of our hospital, he has taken it upon himself to personally propagate and plant these beautiful gardens.

His initiative, care, and unwavering desire to enhance our environment for the well-being of all have made him a truly deserving recipient of this recognition.”

Congratulations to Siew, Chris and the rest of the nominees!

CEO Brendon Gardner smiling with Dr Chris Brown as he holds his award
CEO Brendon Gardner and Dr Chris Brown