As part of our commitment to an outstanding patient experience, we now document patient medical information on a secure electronic medical record platform. This means your treating team will have access to your medical records in one place.

How does it work?

While you are a patient in the Emergency Department and Acute Ophthalmology Specialist Clinic areas your treating team including clerical, nurses, doctors and allied health will enter information into a secure, electronic record. Only trained and approved Eye and Ear clinicians will have access to your electronic medical records.

What are the benefits?

Using the electronic medical records will ensure your clinical information such as relevant history, medications, test results and assessment are available in one place, making it easier for our staff to make tailored and informed decisions about your care. Important information about you such as allergies will saved on the electronic medical system for all hospital admissions, meaning unless there is new information needed, you won’t have to repeatedly provide this information each time you visit the Eye and Ear.

Why have you changed to an electronic system?

The Eye and Ear is always looking for ways to improve the quality of care and patient experience. By moving on to the electronic records we are able continue improving your experience with the Eye and Ear by having secure, update to date and accessible information.

Is this the same as My Health Record?

No. My Health Record is federal government online summary of your key health information. However, in the Emergency Department only you will need to let a clerical staff member know if you do not wish for your treatment information to be passed on to my Health Record.

Is my information secure?

The Eye and Ear Hospital protects the privacy of personal and health information of the patient and uses it only for purposed intended. The Eye and Ear has security technology and measures in place to protect patient personal and health information. All activity is in line with Victorian privacy legislation.

Can I access my electronic medical record?

Yes, just like your paper record, you are able to access your electronic medical records via a freedom of Information request. Click here for more information on your medical records.

We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding as we undertake this important change to continue providing an outstanding patient experience. If you would like more information about Electronic Medical Record please ask one of your treating team.