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The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital: Glaucoma Community Collaborative Care Program (G3CP)

Information for GPs & Optometrists

The Glaucoma Community Collaborative Care Program (G3CP) is a pilot initiative involving the hospital’s Glaucoma Service and specific community optometrists to care for patients together. This initiative is a core part of the improvement work to increase access and positive outcomes for our patients. We believe this program may help our patients by:

  • reducing travel time and costs
  • reducing time waiting in clinics
  • reducing time waiting to access eye-care
  • reducing risk suboptimal outcomes due to long wait times

Eligible patients will be identified by their treating Eye and Ear ophthalmologist. A member of the G3CP team will then discuss program details with the patient to ensure they understand the G3CP is providing them the choice of having some of their appointments outside of the hospital with an optometrist involved in the program. The G3CP has a strong multidisciplinary care focus so GPs will also be notified regarding the patient’s enrolment and receive updates about their clinical progress.

Patients must provide informed consent to be enrolled in the program. Clinical care will remain unchanged for patients who choose not to participate, including those who have a preferred optometrist that is not involved in the G3CP. However this may result in longer waiting times for an Eye and Ear review appointment.

Eligible Patients

Existing Eye and Ear Glaucoma patients with stable, mild to moderate Glaucoma may be eligible and will be advised by their treating ophthalmologist during their visit.

Participating Optometrists

A group of optometrists state-wide have been recruited to the program. They have the
necessary equipment and will participate in ongoing professional development that is specially-developed and delivered by the Eye and Ear’s Glaucoma Unit. The optometrists
will access a specific pathway for sharing of clinical information for patients enrolled in the program, and optometrists have agreed to adhere to defined collaborative care protocols.

Referral Pathways

The G3CP does not accept external referrals. Referrals into the G3CP can only be made by the treating ophthalmologist for existing Eye and Ear Glaucoma patients. All other Eye and Ear referrals for Glaucoma should be made based on existing referral guidelines that can be accessed at the Eye and Ear webpage here.