The balance disorders and ataxia service specialises in diagnosis and management of balance disorders, including those of a central and peripheral vestibular origin.

A key priority of the service is to provide timely, patient-centred care. The service caters for common balance disorders such as intractable BPPV, migrainous vertigo and vestibular neuritis, as well as more complex diseases such as the cerebellar ataxias, multiple system atrophy (particularly of the cerebellar type), oculomotor disorders and peripheral vestibulopathies.

The service is made up of the following specialist clinicians:

  • Sub-specialist neurologists; ear, nose and throat surgeons and rehabilitation physicians
  • Vestibular physiotherapists
  • Diagnostic audiologists
  • Speech pathologists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Nurses

The service provides evidence-based management, with diagnostic testing conducted on state of the art equipment, including the Rotational Chair and Victoria’s only Omniax Positioning System . The clinic will expand on the strong clinical research currently underway.

This comprehensive service is covered by Medicare at no costs to patients making it accessible to all those in need of care.

To refer to the service

Read our primary care referral guidelines here. 

Please address your referral letter or form to: Neurologist at the Balance Disorder and Ataxia Service. Please provide enough information to enable effective triage.

Please send all referrals by fax on (03) 9929 8404, or mail to

Patient Services and Access,
Locked Bag 8,
East Melbourne, 8002.

If you have any further queries please email or call (03) 9929 8270 during business hours.