The Victorian Cochlear Implant Program (VCIP) is a membership program for Audiologists across Victoria who are interested in improving the care of their patients considering or currently using a cochlear implant.

Working closely with our Cochlear Implant Clinic, Audiologists will gain valuable experience and insights to better assist patients with cochlear implants. Participants will have access to ongoing training and support from both the Clinic and Cochlear Ltd.

The program focuses on educating Audiologists on how to become a better cochlear implant referrer and successfully identifying suitable cochlear implant candidates locally.

The key elements of the program include:

  • Cochlear implant candidacy decision making
  • Post-operative management
  • Long-term care of cochlear implant patients locally

**All medical management, surgical decision-making, and surgical services will remain centralised at our Cochlear Implant Clinic.**

Program benefits

As a VCIP Referrer you will learn to:

  • Further your knowledge on identifying suitable cochlear implant candidates
  • Provide patients with accurate and up-to-date cochlear implant information
  • Have access to a great network of Audiologists, Speech Therapists, and Surgeons at the Eye and Ear and Audiologists at Cochlear Limited.
  • Receive invitations to regular webinars where you can learn from and share real case studies.

Get in touch

Would you or your team like to improve your skills as cochlear implant referrers? The VCIP team are happy to attend staff meetings and provide training for your team to build confidence in discussing the cochlear implant journey, technology, and funding options.

Please contact us via to register your interest or fill out our VCIP Referral Form, you can also check out our Referral Guidelines including patient FAQs.


Ballarat Hearing Clinic

“The whole experience has been very collaborative. I’ve really enjoyed the training and I can see the long term benefits for both audiologists and patients.”– Kurt Ashworth, Audiologist