The Eye and Ear performs all of Victoria’s cochlear implant surgeries.  Cochlear implants can be life changing for patients who have not experienced success with a traditional hearing aid.

One group of people who have seen great results from cochlear implants are children with Usher syndrome. People with Usher syndrome often have partial or total hearing loss and a gradual vision loss caused by retinitis pigmentosa.

The Eye and Ear’s Cochlear team recently participated in a video created by UsherKids Australia to support parents to better understand the process and benefits of a cochlear implant for their children.

The video explains how cochlear implants can positively impact the speech and language outcomes of children with Usher syndrome, helping them to better manage the symptoms of the genetic condition.

There is ongoing research into stem cell therapies, drug therapies, and genetic interventions for Usher syndrome. At the moment there is no cure, but interventions, such as cochlear implants, can help manage symptoms.

To hear more from the Eye and Ear’s Professor Robert Briggs and Sandra Lettieri, please watch the UsherKids Australia video below.

To learn more about Usher Syndrome, you can read this fact sheet via the Usher Kids Australia website.

UsherKids Australia - Hearing Tests for Cochlear Implants Educational Video