This week the Eye and Ear were recognised as the first hospital in Australia to implement the Pharmacist Shared Medicines List (PSML) medicine safety initiative.

Produced by pharmacists and uploaded to My Health Record, the PSML is helping patients and healthcare providers avoid medicine-related mishaps by ensuring continuity of care. In doing so, the list consolidates both prescription and non-prescription medicines for each patient, monitoring the health practitioners’ reasons for prescribing each medicine and when the patient should be taking them.

As part of our commitment to outstanding patient experience, the PSML will help reduce medical mishaps, including the ongoing issue of medical misdiagnosis. according to a perspective paper by a University of Queensland researcher, an estimated 140,000 diagnostic errors are made in Australia every year, a number which could be reduced dramatically through the PSML medicine safety initiative.

The implementation of the PSML was made possible through The Australian Digital Health Agency and the Victorian Department of Health, who have worked closely with the Eye and Ear to establish this comprehensive and ground-breaking safety initiative.

Eye and ear staff pointing at a computer, standing in front of prescription medications at the Eye and Ear.








As referenced in recent media, the Eye and Ear are leading the charge in implementing the PSML medicine safety initiative, with our Director of Digital Health Jeanette Anderson stating that ‘there is real interest in adopting this medicine safety initiative across the state’s health system’.

We look forward to seeing the continued improvement in our patient and practitioner experience through the unique PSML medicine safety initiative.

To find out more, visit the My Health Record page on our website, or read the Mirage news article here.