Your sound processor is a medical device that needs good care and maintenance to ensure that it provides optimal hearing performance. To get the most from your cochlear implant system, please consider the following:


If your, or your child’s, sound processor is not working and you require assistance to get it working again, the cochlear care centres will be able to help you. If you or your child did not receive your implant in Melbourne and your implant is from a manufacturer other than Cochlear Ltd (for example Med-El or Advanced Bionics), please contact us. We will seek assistance from the relevant manufacturer.

Cochlear care centres

The cochlear implant clinic has partnered with Cochlear Ltd and established the Cochlear Care Centres™. The cochlear care centres will support trouble-shooting and cochlear implant device maintenance needs, as well as provide ongoing routine sound processor mapping services for adults and older children after the initial post-operative period.

Replacement parts

Replacement or spare parts for your implantable hearing device can be obtained from two sources – Hearing Australia or the manufacturer of the cochlear implant (for example Cochlear Ltd, Med-El, Advanced Bionics). Before contacting these sources, please ensure you know the details of your device, including the implant type, sound processor model, cable length and colour for the part required.

Contact us

For enquiries please contact the cochlear implant clinic on:

  Phone:            (03) 9929 8624
  Fax:                 (03) 9929 8625


Cochlear Implant Clinic
Level 6, Smorgon Family Wing
The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital
32 Gisborne Street
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