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Family violence is a serious health concern in Australia. In Australia, statistically, one woman per week is killed by a current or former partner. If this were a disease we would declare it to be an epidemic. It affects all kinds of relationships and has a direct impact on the health and health-seeking behaviour of those affected.

Strengthening Hospitals’ Response to Family Violence (SHRFV) campaign

We at the Eye and Ear have joined the the Strengthening Hospitals’ Response to Family Violence (SHRFV) campaign. The campaign has two main aims:

  1. To improve the hospital’s response to staff experiencing family violence
  2. and support and train staff to identify family violence in patient populations and provide appropriate support.

By joining this campaign, we join a number of other hospitals in Victoria committed to working towards a society free from family violence. We are proud to be in their company.

Implementing Family Violence reforms

Alongside SHRFV, a further three interrelated reforms recommended by the Royal Commission into Family Violence, 2016 are currently rolling out at the Eye and Ear. As recommended by the Victorian Government, the alignment date for the latest three reforms is April 19, 2021. These reforms include:

These three reforms are aimed to promote collaboration with other services to increase safety and manage family violence risk as an early detection to support families and children.

The Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme aims to prioritise a child’s safety over any individual’s privacy, along with victim survivor safety over perpetrator privacy. This means that as part of this reform there has been changes to consent requirements. The new consent requirements are as follows:

  • Consent is required for adult victim survivors when information is to be shared with other entities
  • Sharing of information relating to child or group of children under 18 years of age does not require consent
  • Sharing of perpetrators information does not require consent

What does this mean for you?

If you are an Eye and Ear patient or carer experiencing family violence, please talk to any of our staff members during your visit, or contact our dedicated Social Worker services on 9929 8234 (option 3) or via email:

You can also seek assistance from the following external referrals: