Our focus is on providing the very best patient care possible. We strive to apply new and effective models of care, invest in research and training and share our knowledge to improve eye and ear health. 


We will inspire and advance specialist eye and ENT care


We improve health and wellbeing outcomes through excellence in:

  1. Clinical Care
  2. Teaching
  3. Education
  4. Research
  5. Innovation


  1. Integrity – We act ethically, accept personal accountability, communicate openly and honestly and treat everyone with trust and respect.
  2. Inclusive and Accessible Care – We are compassionate, thoughtful and responsive to the needs of our consumers
  3. Collaboration – We communicate openly, respect diversity of views and skills, and work effectively with partners and in multidisciplinary teams to deliver optimal outcomes
  4. Excellence – We give our personal best at all times, deliver exemplary care and experience, monitor performance, and seek continuous improvement through innovation.