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In 1961, Eye and Ear ophthalmologist, Dr John Colvin started giving Saturday morning lectures. For 35 years he inspired generations of medical students to learn more about ophthalmology. Today, these important learning and development opportunities continue.

John Colvin Ophthalmology Lecture Series

The John Colvin Ophthalmology Lecture Series will commence on 16 July 2022. These lectures are suitable for medical students in their clinical years. The program is available here. Please register here.


Commencing Saturday 16 July 2022, the program will run every Saturday morning for 8 weeks.


The lecture series will be hosted on ZOOM and students will need to register their attendance in advance.

*Please note that at the request of the presenter, not all lectures will be recorded. All recorded sessions will be password protected and available via email only to registered participants. Find details on which lectures will and won’t be recorded below. All lecture recordings and notes are copyright of the author and are not to be reproduced without the permission of the author.

What will the series cover?

Please refer to the full Program for topic details and the names of presenters. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Kerryn Baker.

Weekly topics

Brian Pyman Otolaryngology and The Victorian Faculty of Australasian College of Dermatologists Lecture Series

The Otolaryngology and Dermatology Lecture Series are suitable for medical students in their clinical years, and will cover a range of ENT and dermatology topics and conditions. Our next Otolaryngology and Dermatology Lecture Series will commence in 2023.