Education and support

Clinical education for junior medical staff is undertaken daily in informal and formal teaching sessions by senior medical staff in all disciplines. Junior medical staff present, discuss and prepare for examinations with support and leadership from senior registrars and fellows. Wetlab sessions for new ophthalmology registrars are run within the first six months of training. The Emergency Department also holds tutorials and junior medical staff are encouraged to attend other hospital initiated teaching sessions where possible.

Junior Medical Staff are encouraged to be involved and support our ongoing clinical research activities.

Learn from the best

Our senior medical staff are actively involved in training young doctors. Leaders in their fields of ophthalmology or otolaryngology, they run formal training sessions and lectures for medical students. They also host students from the St. Vincent’s Clinical School, in ENT and Eye Clinics.

By partnering with University of Melbourne and encouraging junior medical staff to be actively involved in our ongoing research, we continue to produce outstanding and dedicated practitioners.