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As stated previously, the Nursing Education Team at the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital provides specific in service education, mandatory training and also provides Clinical Placements for Registered and Enrolled Undergraduate students of Nursing with our following Educational Partners –

  • The University of Melbourne (MNSc.) (undergraduate)
  • Australian Catholic University (BN)
  • La Trobe University (BN)
  • Swinburne University of Technology (BN)
  • RMIT University (Dual Sector)
  1. Higher Education (BN)
  2. TAFE (Diploma of Nursing)
  • Victoria University (Dual Sector)
    a) Higher Education (BN)
  1. Polytechnic (Diploma of Nursing)

We also offer Postgraduate programs which leads to qualifications in the following clinical specialties in collaboration with our listed educational partners –

  • Graduate Diploma / Certificate in Ophthalmic Nursing in association with the University of Notre Dame, NSW.
  • Graduate Diploma / Certificate in Perioperative Nursing in association with Deakin University.

We also offer a comprehensive and robust Graduate Nurse Program that supports the developmental requirements of newly Registered nurses and assists them with transition to the role of a capable and competent Registered Nurse.