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Nursing Education at The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital coordinates practice development programs for all nursing staff throughout the organisation, offering a range of educational opportunities to help nurses realise their potential for professional development and providing a pathway for career progression.

In addition, we offer a robust clinical placement program for undergraduate students of Nursing who are undertaking either the Master of Nursing Science, Bachelor of Nursing or Diploma of Nursing.

Nursing Education employs a small team of skilled nurse educators and also invites specialists both from within, as well as external organisations to provide clinically relevant nursing education.

The Education Programs on offer at the Eye and Ear include:

Mandatory Training

Which includes a significant number of competencies that have e- learning theoretical and also clinical components which require to be reviewed and updated periodically.

Post Graduate Diploma/Certificates

In specific clinical specialties in collaboration with specific University Partners.

Clinical Placements for Undergraduate students of Nursing.

We have a number of University and TAFE education partners which we have affiliation with.

Graduate Nurse Program.

Each year, Nursing Education provides a comprehensive Graduate Nurse Program to support the developmental needs of the newly Registered Nurse to consolidate their undergraduate learning.

 Inservice Education.

Which include a variety of short sessions on topics of current interest.

Our Team

Ann Vintiadis, Nurse Education Coordinator – 03 9929 8651

Marina Osadchiy, Clinical Nurse Educator – 03 9929 8698

John Paul So, Perioperative Nurse Educator – 03 9929 8743

Evelyn Lee, Clinical Support Nurse – Ext. 03 9929 8980

Kerrie Stevens, Diabetes Clinical Nurse Consultant (on Mat Leave) – 03 9929 8680

Yanling Zhao, Diabetes Nurse Educator (covering Mat. Leave) – 03 9929 8680

Our locations

32 Gisborne Street, East Melbourne, VIC 3002

3rd Floor, Eye & Ear on The Park, 2 St. Andrews Place, East Melbourne