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Elective Medical Student placements

The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital offers an Elective Program for a limited number of local and International students.

Please read the following information carefully before applying for an elective placement:

The Eye and Ear offers an Elective Program for a limited number of local and International students.  Our Elective Program is designed for students who are in their final/penultimate year of their degree.  We offer placements in ENT and Ophthalmology. Research electives are not part of this program. A sample timetable is available below.

If you are interested in undertaking an elective with us, please download and read our Guidelines carefully before proceeding with your application. For more information, and to confirm dates available, please contact the Education Officer via

Hector Maclean Ophthalmology Prize Examination

The Hector Maclean Ophthalmology Prize is a prize examination for final year medical students. This prize is made available by the Victorian State Branch of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists and comprises funds donated to the value of $500. This prize exam is open to final year Victorian medical students at University of Deakin, Melbourne, Monash and Victorian University of Notre Dame.

An examination for the prize will be conducted in two parts: a 1-hour written examination consisting of short answer questions, followed by an oral clinical examination for certain selected candidates. Details on how to register are available here.

Dates of exam:

Online written exam – Saturday 20th August 2022

In-person Viva exam (finalists only) – Saturday 10th September 2022