Helpful information for all clinicians on assessment and treatment of eye and ear conditions. These clinical resources are to be used as a general guide, not a replacement for medical assistance.

These clinical resources are gleaned from information sessions, factsheets and handouts to provide general information to clinicians.

Eye and Ear Approved Abbreviations List
Amsler chart
Authority for Release of Information from a Patients Medical Record
Golden Eye Rules
Paediatric Clinical Guidelines from the Royal Children’s Hospital
Sydney Eye Hospital Manual
Monitoring of Patients on Long Course of Prednisolone– Recommendations for GPs
List of community vestibular physiotherapists, vestibular rehabilitation providers and Falls & Balance clinicsEye and Ear Physiotherapy Services

Please also visit The Ronald Lowe Library located at the Eye and Ear Hospital, it is a specialist health and research library, focusing on ophthalmology and otorhinolaryngology. You can speak with the Librarian about electronic access to the online catalogue.