We are pleased to provide our first Gender Equality Action Plan, which aims to tackle intersectional gender inequalities in staff composition & recruitment, pay, leadership, leave & flexibility, sexual harassment, inclusion and more. With this plan we are committed to actively promoting gender equality and integrating this principle into all strategies, policies, procedures, programs and ways we work. At the Eye and Ear, we are striving to create a safe, welcoming and fair environment that embraces everyone’s skills, perspectives and experiences.

Through our 2022-2025 Gender Equality Action Plan, we will implement measures of accountability, including updating the collection and reporting of employee data, as a means to support change and fulfill this vision. This will help to drive a culture at the Eye and Ear where equity is championed and all people are included and empowered. By promoting flexible
work, leave, transparency and fairness we aim to improve the guiding principles of all practices and processes at the Eye and Ear.

Every one of us has a role to play in sustaining progress towards a fair and inclusive workplace. As Executives, we will lead by example to ensure we are sensitive to the issue of inequality at work while demonstrating respect and inclusion across the organisation. Along this journey, we will include all staff to ensure we have the skills and knowledge to foster an inclusive and equitable work environment for everyone at the Eye and Ear.