This information relates to projects that

  1. Have ethical approval from a Reviewing HREC (not Eye and Ear HREC)
  2. The Eye and Ear is involved in the project only for the purposes of providing research services only

If the Eye and Ear is involved in the project for more than providing research services only then this pathway does not apply and you should review the Research Governance Pathways information in more detail and/or contact the Research Office.

An example of this type of project:

Participants in a clinical trial at another site(s) require a specific eye test; the Eye and Ear provides the test as a service/subcontractor but Eye and Ear is not a research site for the purposes of the clinical trial.

For this pathway to be relevant all the following must apply:

  1.  The involvement of the Eye and Ear extends only to providing research services only
  2.  Participants will not be Eye and Ear patients for the purposes of the project
  3.  The project does not require approval from the Eye and Ear Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC)
  4.  If the project is a research project then the project must have ethical approval from a registered NHMRC Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) and the Eye and Ear must be listed as a site providing data.

The Project Team Leader / Principal Investigator must submit the following documentation to the Eye and Ear Research Office as detailed below

1. Research Project Application Cover Sheet

Download the Eye and Ear Cover Sheet for new Research Projects and any attachments required:

Eye and Ear Cover Sheet for New Research Project (MS Word; v15.5 dated April 2021)

Guidelines for completing the Eye and Ear Cover Sheet and Attachments (MS Word; v1.0 dated 25 August 2020)

Attachment A – Clinical Trials (MS Word; v1.3 dated April 2021)

Attachment B – Biospecimens and Genetic/Genomic Research (MS Word; v1.2 dated 14 October 2020)

2. Head of Supporting Department form – Details for each of the supporting departments are available in the Involvement of Eye and Ear Hospital departments in research projects.

3. Protocol including details of the services requested

4. HREA which includes Eye and Ear as a service provider

5. Letter of HREC approval referring to the same Protocol version submitted in 3 above

6. Service Agreement (or request to use Eye and Ear Service Agreement template)

Please note:

  1. Submit at any time
  2. There are no application fees for Research Services Authorisation