This pathway applies if

  1. You intend to apply for / have ethical approval from a Reviewing HREC that is not the Eye and Ear HREC; and
  2. Eye and Ear is involved as a research site

The Eye and Ear would be considered a research site if

  1. Eye and Ear staff are the Principal Investigator or Associate Investigator in a research project (specifically related to their employment/role at Eye and Ear) and procedures are occurring on site
  2. Eye and Ear operating theatre is involved
  3. The research participants are Eye and Ear patients for the purposes of the research project
  4. The research project involves the use of Eye and Ear health information (data)

Early notification:

To minimise delays, Principal Investigators are encouraged to communicate with the Eye and Ear Research Office as early as possible, such as, when the Eye and Ear Hospital has been selected as a site and advise the name and contact details of the Eye and Ear Hospital site Principal Investigator.

Documents that can be reviewed early:

If you would like these documents reviewed prior to submission of the SSA application then please send by email to the Research Office.